Christopher Price is a Business and Technology Visionary

Communicate a vision and work to create technical solutions that carry that vision to a valuable, tangible, measurable fruition.

The business mission?
The Broader vision?
Why not both?

For nearly twenty years, I’ve been a successful ambassador for diverse businesses and nonprofit organizations because I speak many dialects. Executives know me to speak Plain English to them about Operations and Technology investments and educate them on what that means for ROI. Tech and Ops professionals trust me to understand their language, grasp the ins-and-outs of systems and limitations, and champion their achievements. I know how productive leveraging this dialogue can be and how powerful it is as a transformative force for businesses.

I can help you create a strategy that makes sense – collaboratively planned, cooperatively executed – above all, practical and measurable. Let’s evolve your vision from business requirements into technical realities with real benefit, advocated by a qualified, savvy technology representative that IT can trust.

References and Testimonials

“Christopher [is] like my big brother… watching out for me.” - Debra Benton, best-selling author, top executive coach, and A-list keynote speaker.

“Christopher has great breadth and depth in the art of business, and is also a prolific idea generator. We collaborated to bring a wireless accessory concept to the stage of a filed application for patent, and Christopher enlarged the opportunity to a suite of products and strategies that will result in at least three additional patents. Let me be clear – Christopher is not a technoid who has bent himself in the direction of management, but rather a skilled and literate professional who has great talent in bridging solutions to real strategies and products.” - Greg Beveridge, Past Chief of Technology for US West (now Qwest) and Vice President of Technology Strategy for MediaOne (now Comcast).

“I just want to follow [Christopher] with a pen and notepad, taking down his ideas as fast as I can. Any one of them could make me rich.” – RS, Independent CPA and Business Development Consultant

“I totally trust you!” – SR, Client

“[Christopher] is the Tech-Fu Master! His contributions to the office were major selling points for agent recruitment and retention.” – LM, Managing Broker of a 150-agent real estate office.

“Uncle Christopher is exquisite” – GM, My brilliant four-year-old niece.